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1990 Handel Concert

1990 Handel Concert
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Edmund Pike says:
This was our concert at the St Cecilia Harmonie Band's 60th Anniversary Festival at Handel in Noord Brabant, Netherlands, 22-26 June 1990. Bands from Germany and locally, including the St Nicasius Band, Heze, attended. In the photo: back row Barry Allen (sop), Terry Blake (Rep), me (2nd ct), daughter Julia Pike (3rd ct); front row, Richard Clarke (Principal Ct). The highlight was a procession through the village to the War Memorial. Our MD, Wilf Loveless was hoping that it was only going to be a stationary affair, but it turned out to be about a mile long. On the last night, The Netherlands played Germany in the European Cup and we watched it on a huge TV in the tent. The German band left early on the pretext that they wanted to see it in their homes. An old resident told me how they had played the Germans in WW2 and there was a deafening roar when a German player was sent off.
November 11th, 2010 , 9:32 pm

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