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1999 Bad Bertrich

1999 Bad Bertrich
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Edmund Pike says:
30 August 1999, Spa Centre, Bad Bertrich; Rhineland Tour. Standing: Kathryn Warboys, Andrew Waterson, Wayne Welch?, Edward Lewis, Terry Blake, David Warboys, Karen Taylor, Chris Grills, Keith Turner, Ian Luxford, Alison Beaumont, Peter Livesey, Kate Livesey, Richard Clarke, James Solera, Nigel Bunting, Brian Parsons, Edmund Pike, Alison Kelly, Katie Bunting, David Mackie. Seated: Neil Easter, John Carey, Michael Selby, David Roberts (MD), ?,?,?. Can anyone fill the gaps?
During this tour, Ian Luxford composed "Boppard Bop" for the Band in his hotel room.
October 28th, 2010 , 5:36 pm
Ian Luxford says:
Happy new year.
The Baritone player was the brother of Karen Taylor, but i cant remember his name. Also, Chris Grills is actually Chris Heaps.
Anyway, nice to be remembered and hope all is well in the world of Pangbourne.
Best wishes
Ian Luxford
January 6th, 2011 , 12:09 pm
Peter Livesey says:
The wee cornet player listed as Wayne Welch is actually Gavin Sutherland. Hope all is well. Keep banding.
September 4th, 2011 , 11:42 am

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